Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Not dead yet...

Still alive. Still busy. Still tired.

Bill let me know the other night that our engagement is half over. Guess I had better get cracking on the rest of those wedding plans.

Spring Break this week, so no school. Picked up extra hours at work, so more money. Hurrah!

Will try to write a real and coherent post some other time. Until then, I will see you in your own blog!


patrice said...

whoa, at first when I read the bill sentence I didn't see the "half". I was like, holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiza.

but then I read it again. whew.

lonna said...

Even though you're working more, I hope you get to enjoy spring break.

gunngirl said...

I'm on Spring break too! But I still have school work to do. I see students partying and think, I wish I could just 'forget' I was in school. I have a midterm right when I go back. Sigh

Take care!