Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Meeting

Yesterday, I had my first meeting of someone from the Blogosphere. NME, her husband, and her gorgeous son Noah were visiting someone on the floor of the hospital where I work. Therefore, I got a change to meet the family whose life I follow through her blog everyday.

Many of the people whose blog I follow live somewhere in the general vicinity of me. Several of them live down in the Philadelphia area, which means that someday meet-ups are possible and even probable. It's interesting how something like blogging (and something as random as the "Next Blog" button) can lead you to a person who you might have been friends with if you had met in person. Is this the new way to make friends? After all, the Internet has already revolutionized how we meet our future mates. I met Bill on a personals site that was eventually swallowed up by all the way back in May 2000. And I met some of the women that I confide my deepest secrets in on eDiets last year. Will blogs be the ice breakers of the future?

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me, so I have no images to share. However, NME did take a few pictures of me holding perhaps they will hit her blog soon.

In the meantime, it was great to meet you! Maybe we will do it again some time (in a different place, I hope)!


Jen said...

That is really neat that you got to meet. I hope she posts the pictures.

gunngirl said...

I didn't know you met Bill on a personals site. I started coming to your blog after you'd been talking about Bill for sometime. That's great. I just can't do the personal's though. Wow, and you're getting married!

I know quite a few bloggers who meet up with other fellow bloggers. it was the same with fans of TV show and chat rooms. I used to be loyal to Buffy chat rooms, those people met up a lot.

I used to use the Next Blog button but it kept leading me to crap. I found links on other people's blogs were the better way to find new blogs.

NME said...

More and more people are meeting and forming relationships online - it really is remarkable. It's so nice to really get to know someone by their thoughts even before you meet them.

It was great meeting you too, Mary! Next time we meet I hope we have more of a chance to be more social.

patrice said...

mary, you are really super cute!! nicole has a picture up and I have to say I love your hair. was it longer before? maybe it's pulled back here? you just look lovely.

I hope I get to meet you soon, too. it's not out of the question, as I have been known to shop at the mall where you work when I'm up visiting my mom.

Guinness_Girl said...

Wow! You totally are my weird doppleganger-ish twin, as I met Wilman (who has requested complete anonymity) on!!! CRAZY. Obviously, you and I could never meet or the world would implode.

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

One of these days we will have to do a blogging reunion or something. IN VEGAS!