Monday, September 12, 2005

Tagged! Still loving it!

Thanks for tagging me, Marissa!

Ten years ago: I was in college for the first time around! I was enjoying my sophomore year at Grove City College. My roommate's name was Alison, and we lived on the hall of the sorority that I would join that spring. I was working part-time at our student union the Gedunk (or Gee, for short) and loving life as a Biology major!

Five years ago: I had just met Bill (the man I will marry next year) at the beginning of the summer. We were having a great time, attending Yankees games, spending time with family and friends, and getting in as much of the S-E-X as we could fit in. I was working full-time for a local not-for-profit agency as the Program Director.

One year ago: I had just started the last class I had to take (Probability and Statistics) before entering the nursing program. I was working for another not-for-profit, this one the local "branch" of a national organization. I was living here at home with the 'rents. At the time, we had only one cat Danny and our dog Marti. Bucky didn't come into our lives until several months later. Bill and I had been together four years and were in a bit of a rut. Little did I know what the future would bring!

Five snacks: Pringles, Goldfish crackers, chips and dip, granola bars, cheese

Five songs I know all the words to: About a thousand camp songs, almost any Indigo Girls song, many country songs...I will list five definites: "Power of Two" by the Indigo Girls, "The Wood Song" by the Indigo Girls, "She's in Love with the Boy" by Trisha Yearwood, "Watershed" by the Indigo Girls, and "Mr. Mom" by Lonestar.

Five things I would do with $100 million:
1 - Pay off my debt!
2 - Pay off my parents' mortgage
3 - Buy a Honda Pilot
4 - Buy my sister a house
5 - Add on to Bill's house and upgrade some things in it to make it a home that we can raise a family in and grow old together in

Five places to run away to:
1 - My room
2 - The camp I worked at
3 - Target
4 - Old Navy
5 - Maine

Five things I would never wear:
1 - A thong bikini
2 - Well, let's be honest...any bikini
3 - Navy blue and black together
4 - Off-white and white together
5 - Culottes (done it in the a kid...won't make that mistake again!)

Five favorite TV shows: Without a Trace, Law and Order: SVU, Real World, My Super-Sweet Sixteen, Everybody Loves Raymond

Five biggest joys: my engagement ring, planning the wedding, the anticipation of marrying my best friend and spending my life with him, the feeling of fulfillment I get from caring for my patients (both at work and at school), my pets

Favorite toys: iPod, computer, Palm Pilot, cell phone, various and sundry toys of the adult variety

Five people to pass this on to:
Rebecca, Emily (because I know you love these as much as I do!), Kat (because I miss your words!!!), Aarwenn, and Sherri (even though I never answered the interview questions...)


patrice said...

don't forget your blogging buddies when you get that $100 mil. ha.

I love L&O SVU too. mariska hargitay is up for an emmy.

lonna said...

I am totally with you on the navy/black and white/off-white thing. My husband thinks I'm crazy.

I would also pay off all of my debt. I owe so much in student loans that it's like we have two mortgages.

Marissa said...

You Rock! Culottes...ugh. I wore them as a kid too, my mom thought they were great. Oh what our parents do to us...

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Phew, escaped from the tag! I think I did this one already anyway! LOL.

Aarwenn said...

Woo! I got tagged! Thank you!

It'll take a few days. But I love it. :)

Sherri said...

That's ok that you never answered the interview. I think you probably were a little busy with the whole "engaged and getting married" thing.

I'll answer tomorrow. :)

Aarwenn said...

My the way, my tag's up. :)