Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rocky Mountain High

So aside from a little jetlag and a sad, sad, sadness that we had to say goodbye to our very best friends, probably until next October, I am doing well. I have that slightly hungover, I-was-on-vacation-and-ate-everything-not-tied-down feeling, but I managed to get out of bed today (ten minutes before I had to leave for work...because my power went out last night, and my alarm didn't go off), and I am jumping right back into that whole going-to-school thing, but a part of my heart is back in Denver...and John Denver is singing in my head.


This weekend, I got to watch my very first best friend get married. Adria and I met when we were three or four when our parents were living in Pampa, TX. It was one of those perfect family friendships (and continues to be, except for the fact that they live in Colorado and we live in PA), with parents that are best friends and two daughters in each family close enough in age to be best friends too. Eventually, both families left Pampa, but we have kept in touch and remain two families of best friends. We travel now and again across country to see each other. We exchange gifts on every major (and several not-so-major) holidays. And there is something very comforting about being together with people who have known you for 25 years and who are the family that you have chosen for yourselves.

This weekend, Adria married her soulmate, Tim. It was a beautiful weekend and a beautiful wedding in a beautiful city. Looking at them, you could see the love shining in both of their eyes. I myself couldn't help but shed a little tear (okay, several little tears) of happiness as I watched them join their lives together.

I must confess that I also had a little oh-my-God-we-are-growing-up-and-I-don't-like-it moment as well. At one point, I was thinking, "I guess the Thomases (that's us) and the Lairs (that's them) won't be going on vacation together anymore," and it made me a little sad. It's really hard to become a real grown-up...and Adria definitely messed up our perfect structure there! Of course, if she didn't do it, I was fixin' to next year anyway, but still, it was a little hard to let go of that little last bit of my childhood (but probably a good idea because, well, you know, I am 29). Anyway, of course, Tim and Bill can just become a part of the big group! They will be welcomed in. But it was kind of like the time in Friends when Chandler was moving in with Monica and she was crying because, "Now I have to live with a BOY!!!" Anyway, Bill and Tim already have the same birthday in common...freaky coincidence? I think so. I am sure that things will work out just fine.

In other news, Denver is one heck of a GORGEOUS city! Within one day of being there, I had called Bill and told him that I would be living in this city someday! It's beautiful, and there are many fun things to do. Sure, the air is a little thin, but I hear that you adjust within a few weeks! Anyway, I am adding it to the list of cities that I would someday like to settle in...it's not quite the South, but it's got its perks!

One of those perks is certainly the mountains. My parents, my sister, and I spent Sunday in Breckenridge, enjoying the touristy shopping and breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. They are amazing. And the shops are so darn cute! I did some spending, Friends! I got me some orange Crocs, some fun ribbon watchbands for my Swap watch (a bridesmaid gift from Adria), some Rocky Mountain Chololate Factory delicacies, and various and sundry other items. It was a good, good day.

And don't think the shopping stopped there. No, sir! See, the Denver Airport has a SkyMall. And in that SkyMall is a Body Shop. And in that Body Shop were a bunch of items that I hadn't yet seen because our Body Shop is at The Big Mall, and I am often (usually? always?) too lazy to drive out there. So I hadn't been to the Body Shop in a while. Also, I work at A Competitor. So that's that...but I am hooked! Just don't tell anyone I work with!

Also, I bought the new Jennifer Weiner book Goodnight Nobody. It was fantastic, as you would expect. It was a little different from her other books, but it was just as great. Ummm...I also finished My Latest Knitting Project (the secret one) and started Its Second Half (also secret). Oh, and I solved the mystery of the space marker thing for knitting...it works just like Crazy Aunt Purl says it did! Color me a little more advanced (and yet still quite amateur)!

Alright, I think that's all I have to say...


NME said...

Glad you had a good time. Denver is a really nice city - my Dad lived there when I was young and Mark and I went a few years ago to attend a friends wedding. It's really breathtaking to just drive around in the mountains.

The kind of family friendship you describe is what I envision for Noah and Bella. And I hope that you do on vacation with Adria - you, Bill and your kids vacationing with Adria, Tom and their kids. A friendship that spans generations.

Kat said...

I'm glad you're back and that you had a good time in Denver! I have never been, but now it is definitely a place I'd like to visit.

You solved a knitting mystery on your trip too? You go girl!

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I need a mini vacation like that to escape my life!

patrice said...

it's great to hear about long lasting friendships like that. I echo what nicole said. (nicole is nme, by the way.)

I've never been to colorado, but recently, my husband and I have said that we'd like to visit as many states as possible before we die. so it's on the list.

lonna said...

I've never had a friendship like that. That's great. My parents are no longer friends with the couples who I grew up with, and I'm not in touch with any of their children. We moved about a mile away when I was in second grade, and things just faded even though we were still so physically close.

I've never been to Denver either, but we'd really love to go. My husband has a good friend who lives around there and I've never met her. We need to go see her and check out the wonderfulness of Denver.

kt said...

denver rocks!

i mean..um..denver sucks. really. please don't move here.


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