Monday, February 21, 2005

I want my MTV!

Can I just tell you how much I love MTV? I am a huge fan of just about every show they have one there. Road Rules? YES! Real World? YES! Pimp My Ride? YES! Punk'd? YES! And my personal favorite, My Super-Sweet Sixteen? YES, YES, YES! I would rather poke my eye out than watch a music video, but give me some good reality TV and I am happy!

I was a huge fan of Rich Girls, which followed Ali Hilfiger and her friend Jaime through their days on the streets of New York. These were the beautiful people. They had purses that I can only afford knock-offs of. Their Tiffany jewelry didn't come from Canal Street. Alas, Rich Girls had to end when Jaime went off to college. But My Super-Sweet Sixteen has come along to take care of my fascination with people who have more money than God.

Watching 15-year-old girls fly off to Paris to shop for THE dress that will make their party perfect and watching 15-year-old boys plan parties that include barely-dressed dancers on pedestals is akin to watching a train wreck. You want to look away, but you can't because it is just so darn fascinating. Is Ava really never going to speak to her parents again if she doesn't get a Range Rover on the day that she turns 16? Oh, no, it's okay...they came through for her a few days later on the day of her party. She gets her Range Rover, and they get a daughter who will still speak to them. Seems fair.

I will never be rich, and watching the rich on some of MTV's finest reality shows makes me a little happy about that. Sure, I would love to have a Range Rover...but not if it turned me into a petty princess who doesn't understand what respect for her parents is all about. Until then, I will take my Saturn, thanks, but I will still escape to MTV to live a little vicariously once in a while.

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Jen said...

Hi, I was led here from your cousin Rebecca's site, and wanted to say that I am 30 years old and also an MTV reality show freak. My husband hates my shows, and the first run shows are on too late for me to watch (I have to get up for work at 4:30)so I have have set my computer up with a TV tuner and Digital Video Recorder software. That way I can record my shows while I sleep, and in the morning I copy them to a Secure Digital memory card and watch them on my PDA at work (during lunch and breaks, of course). Now that is sick, isn't it? I can't bear the thought of missing The Real World or Road Rules, or the RW/RR Challenge. I even watched that show Surf Girls when it was out a couple of years ago. It is an illness, I think. It is good to know that I am not alone!