Saturday, February 19, 2005

Claiming my own little corner of the web...

I have become addicted to reading blogs. My first addiction is the daily, hilarious, and oddly inspiring Heather Armstrong is, to me, the quintessential blogger. She lets us in and makes us laugh. My friend Kat also just started a blog, so I have added her to my Favorites list and will now check in on what's going on with her everyday. These blogs, along with my eDiets addiction, means that soon I will no longer have to buy books for entertainment. I will be able to get everything I need here on the web.

And cutting down on my book habit would actually be beneficial to me. You see, a few months ago, I quit my relatively secure job working in the not-for-profit world and became a student nurse. I got paid for 24.5 days of vacation at my old job, which I socked away in my savings accout, and I have been issuing myself a "paycheck" every two weeks so I can pay my bills. The money is running out. I have a plan...I am going to become a substitute teacher. I am pulling my teaching certificate out of the mothballs and using it once again. However, to make money as a substitute teacher, the school district has to call you. CALL, ALREADY!

I have had to give up some luxuries. First to go was the professional highlights I had put in my hair every 12 weeks. And that was actually going a little too should have been more like eight weeks. Yesterday, my mom took pity on me and my roots and bought me a box of hair dye at Giant. I dyed my own hair yesterday for the first time since just after I got out of college. My hair now looks like it did in college...a uniform dark auburn, not a highlight in sight. But you know what? The roots are GONE! And that means that I no longer look like the girl who can't afford to get her hair re-highlighted. Instead, I am the cute redhead with the sparkling personality...and that's not a bad thing to be.

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